Spa Marvel Hot Tub Contest!


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Hot Tub Contest

Spa Marvel Hot Tub Contest Expired

As the weather gets cooler, everybody moves from the swimming pool to the hot tub. Here at Viscount we want to see how you celebrate the fall with your hot tub with a photo contest! We want to see your funniest, most original, and best hot tub Halloween or fall themed photo for our Spa Marvel Hot Tub Photo contest!

What the winners will get:

First Place – Will receive SPA Marvel package! This package will include one of each bottle of Spa Marvel brand spa-water treatment product.

Spa Marvel is known for their environmentally-friendly, enzyme based spa-water treatment products can help reduce or even eliminate the need for many of the chemicals needed for traditional spa water treatment. Read more here

Second Place – Will receive a maintenance spa kit

Third Place- Will receive a wonderful spa fragrance kit

Some Details about the contest:

-The image has to be SFW (safe for work) keep it family friendly people

-Post your Funny Hot Tub Photo in the Comments below to be considered!

-Deadline is November 30th

Have a Halloween Hot Tub Party!

Are you looking forward to Halloween this year? We here at Viscount Pools and Spa’s love Halloween, why you might ask? Because we think of Halloween as the official start to hot tub season! What better way to get into the spirit than by having a Halloween themed hot tub party!

Tips on before, during and after your Halloween Hot Tub party;


Preparing your Hot Tub for the Spooks!

What a great excuse to get your hot tub cleaned and ready! Also,  if it has been a few months since you have had fresh water in your hot tub, drain the water out and clean the surface of the hot tubs shell, lights, and jets. Fill your hot tub back up with fresh water, add sanitizers and water chemicals, clean filters and even add a SmartBar to your hot tub for easy drink making connected right to your hot tub! With a drawer and slip resistant treads, you won’t even need to get out!

Hot Tub Danger Decorations

Don’t forget to make your hot tub look spooky, even dangerous! Your guests will eat it up, or scream, or be dying to get in! If you have one of our Emerald Spas Have a Halloween Hot Tub Party!with LED lighting, set your lights to red or green you can even add your own LED hot tub lighting for a more intense scare!

Add a sign to enhance the anticipation of getting into the hot tub! It could be a huge pot of witches brew just for you and your guests. You could add plastic body parts or skeleton bones floating in the water and around your hot tub.

Don’t forget the Halloween Treats!

Here are our skeleton hot tub pudding cups for the party!

What you will need:

Festive Cups, Candy Corn and Other decorations, Oreos, Milk, Cinnamon (just a sprinkle), Pudding, Extra candy

1. Make the Pudding!

Mix together milk and pudding packet over a stove top (if you want the pudding to be a little more “Adult” add a shot of liquor at this step).hot tub treats
Put the mix into your cups and into the fridge.

2. Decorate!
Here is where it gets fun! Decorate your pudding cup with crushed Oreo, candy corn, and various accessories to make it festive!

These treats are great for the party but not so much for the hot tub, advise your guests to not eat in the hot tub. You don’t want food floating in the hot tub or getting clogged in the filter. Remind your guests to stay hydrated through the night if they are drinking alcoholic or sugary drinks, hot water can cause dehydration, time in the hot tub will need to be limited. No problems getting in and out to get your bones back together!

After hot tub party Clean up!

When your Halloween hot tub party is over it will be a good idea to rinse and repeat! Do the same thing we suggest pre-party, but it may be even a little deadlier! Drain the water and clean the shell, lights, and filter, make sure all traces of makeup, fake blood and any other body parts are gone so you can get your hot tub back up and running to enjoy the rest of the season!

Don’t forget to remind your guests to bring their suit and towels, provide extra if necessary. In addition, Viscount West is happy to help you with any hot tub questions spooky party or not! Finally, come see us your local hot tub retailer at many locations to serve you in Michigan.