Buying Your First Pool- Livonia or Redford, MI

Owning a pool can be an exciting thing during the summer. When the weather is hot and muggy, there is nothing better than taking a dip into a nice cool swimming pool in your own backyard. Whether you prefer an above ground pool or semi above ground swimming pool in your Livonia or Redford, Michigan pool, Sunny’s Pools & More is your local pool store!

Having a pool in your yard can bring many positives to your family. From a nice place to cool Your First Pooldown and relax after hard days work, to a reason for the kids to get off of their video games and head outside. Swimming provides kids and adults with a great deal of exercise, without even knowing you are exercising!

At Sunny’s Pools & More we always have great offers for new pool owners or those who are looking to stock up on pool chemicals or accessories. We will assist you in water testing as well as finding the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean and your family healthy.

Your First Pool

With a selection of top pool brands such as Lomart pools or Cornelius pools, you are sure to find the pool that is perfect for your family’s needs. Also, we have circular or round pools as well as oval pools. In addition, all of our pools are easy to install yourself and include the basics needed to open your pool for the summer.

Don’t wait any longer to visit your local Livonia, MI pools store, Sunny’s Pools & More. We have great offers going on that will be ending soon! Finally, Contact us today if you have any question pertaining to buying your first pool!