Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry has been providing top-of-the-line pool cleaning products since 1989. Also, their products will help maintain your swimming pool health all season long. If you are interested in any of these great products, visit your local Sunny’s Pools & More today!

Natural Chemistry Products

Pool Perfect® Max™
Pool Perfect® Max™Just one cap full per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water weekly can:

  • Control scum lines and also reduce tile line scrubbing
  • Works as a continouous filter cleaner
  • Removes maintenance levels of problem causing phosphates
  • Makes water sparkle like it has never done before
Pool Perfect® Total™
Pool Perfect® Total™
Pool Perfect® Total™ cleans pools in three ways:

  • Breaks down pollen, sunscreens, oils, lotions, and more with naturally based enzymes which also reduces filter cleaning and scum lines
  • Improves overall water clarity
  • Removes phosphates
Pool Perfect®+Phosfree™
Pool Perfect®+Phosfree™
Weekly maintenance product that will add enzymes and remove pesky phosphates

  • Will maintain near zero phosphate levels when added weekly
  • Cleans filter and waterline while also reducing surface oils and other non-living organics
  • SMARTZyme technology refduces the need of filer cleaning and cleaning scum lines
  • You get the benefit of Pool Perfect and Phosfree in one product
  • With weekly use it will improve water quality and reduce maintenance
Pool Perfect®
Pool Perfect®
Reduces filter cleanings and scum lines

  • SMARTZyme™ technology will reduce non-living organic buildup
  • Reduces surface oils and waterline rings
  • You can use with all filter medias and pool surfaces
  • Reduces any unpleasant odors
  • Removes microscopic non-living organic material
Liquid Solar Blanket

  • Forms an invisible liquid barrier that will conserve water and heat
  • Advanced mono-layer technology
  • It will help conserve hundreds of gallons of pool water
  • Help reduce water evaporation
  • Will save on energy by conserving water
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Safe with all sanitizing systems

ProSeries Liquid Cover

Natural Chemistry’s Pro Series Liquid Cover allows pool professionals to offer an invisible liquid barrier that reduces evaporation and heat loss without the need to physically place and remove a cover!  This product uses advanced mono-layer technology to keep pool water warm while reducing heating bills. The product also reduces the need for water adjustments from water loss!  Works on all filter types and is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

Efficiency Tips

Filter PerfectDeep cleaning filters improves filter efficiency and lengthens the cycles between filter cleanings. With pools being used heavily this summer, filters are quickly accumulating oils, grease & non-living organics that can cause cloudy water. Also, deep cleaning filters with Filter Perfect™ improves water clarity & conserves chlorine.

Natural Chemistry’s Filter Perfect™ is a naturally based filter cleaner formulated with SMARTZyme™ technology. This ACID-FREE formula is FUME-FREE, making it better and safer for pool professionals and pool owners alike. This product works on all filter types and is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

Finally, if you have any questions on these great products, contact your local Sunny’s Pools & More today!

This Month’s Efficiency Tip

Decrease Evaporation to save water and reduce heat loss!

By adding an invisible liquid cover to pool water, you can save clients money by reducing evaporation to conserve heat and prevent water loss. Help your customers extend their swimming season into the fall with a liquid pool cover that conserves, water, heat & chemicals!