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When you sign up for our exclusive deals section you will have access to great savings on chemicals, pools, spas, accessories, and much more.  The best part, it is absolutely free to sign up.  We carry popular brands of hot tubs such as Dimension 1 and Viking. Sign up today and reap the benefits of our coupons!

At Sunny’s Pools & More, we strive to provide the best deals & coupons around. In addition, we offer the best prices in town from Monroe to Macomb you will not find better deals than at Sunny’s.  Right now we are fully stocked on chemicals and supplies, but supplies may be limited this summer. Make sure to visit your local Sunnys today.

Are You Ready For Summer?

Each year, every pool owner has to go through a pool opening.  With summer right around the corner, it is about that time again. Get ready to remove your pool cover and skim out the debris. Next, add water to get your pool to the proper level then check your filter system. In addition, make sure to check for any leaks or repairs that may be required. Vacuum the pool floor then it is time to check your water chemistry.

Of course, your local Sunnys offers water testing right now. Now the water is tested it is time to add your chlorine, we suggest you let your water circulate first for at least 8 hours. Finally, add your ladders or safety rails and you are ready for summer. Make sure to visit Sunny’s Pools & More for pool toys, and chemicals to keep your pool safe and fun all summer long!