*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

We carry Aqua-Vinyl, Swimline & Findlay Liners.They are precision crafted in a climate-controlled facility. These liners are made to fit swimming pools perfect. The unprecedented quality and design shine through in style, fit and durability. Liners are available three different ways examples shown below.

Liner Examples

Q. Is there a difference in liners?

A. Yes, there are three different applications.

1. Overlap liner, this liner drapes over the pool wall plastic coping is clipped on to hold into place. You commonly see liner on the outside of the wall.

2. J-bead hung liner has a vinyl hook on the top that hooks on the top of wall. These liners are normally patterned with a tile border at the top.

3. Beaded liner has a bead at the top that snaps into a bead receiver that attaches to the top of the pool wall. This is a really nice liner comes with nice tile border patterns also for an installation very easy for a do it yourself. Another benefit is that if liner had to be replaced, you would not have to take any of the top seats off the pool. The liner will snap right out of the track and the new liner snaps in.

Liner Styles

What separates us from the competition is our equal attention to service,
price, and quality.  We feel it is very important that these elements are
met in order to properly serve the customer.

We provide a higher quality, thicker mil a/g liner than the competition
which will provide a more durable and longer lifespan for the customer.

Special attention is paid to each liner order throughout the production
process to ensure it meets our high quality control standards and the
customer receives exactly what they ordered.

We are ever changing our pattern selection in effort to have the most up to
date selection in the industry.

Custom Liners