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Free Poolife
Get Your Swimming Pool Water Tested Before Closing and Get A Free Bag of Poolife Non-Chlorine Oxidizer For FREE!
$7.00 Value
Filter Perfect
Filter Perfect
Filter Perfect, clean your sand filter or cartridge filter before putting it to bed for the winter. Think about what is in the filter that needs to be chemically cleaned. This makes the pool easier to take care of next year.

$5.00 OFF

Sirona Chlorinating Granules From Sani Spa.
Sirona Chlorinating Granules From Sani Spa.

Buy the Sirona Sani Spa and get a bottle of FREE Sunny’s Cartridge Renew for cleaning your cartridge.

Leaf Eater
Leaf Eaters

If you have leaves in the pool, we have two different styles of leaf eaters that will hook up to a garden hose to get leaves out of your pool without clogging your filter!

$5.00 OFF


Brilliance Spa Chemicals. The best way to maintain spa water is with Brilliance Spa chemicals.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free

All Good Things Must Come To An End

After Another Great Summer, It Is Time To Think About Closing The Pool!

Winter Closing Checklist

Winter Cover

  • Safety
  • Makes spring opening easy
  • Protects your investment

Ice Equalizer Pillow

  • Relieves structural stress from pool frame and wall
  • Equal water stabilization on top of the cover
  • Makes cover removal a snap

Winterizing Kit

  • Open a sparkling clean pool next spring
  • Prepares your pool for the winter months
  • Makes spring opening quick and easy


  • Eliminates costly “drain down” for winterizing
  • Protects skimmer from winter freeze up
  • Saves valuable treated pool water

Inlet & Main Drain Plugs

  • Inlet plugsprevent the back up of pool water
  • Main drain plugs prevent accidental anti-freeze discharge

Pool Anti-Freeze

  • Protects underground plumbing lines against freezing and cracking
  • Only use non-corrosive pool anti-freeze; do not use the pink stuff.

Water Tube

  • Convient, easy to store cover weights
  • Sandwiches cover to deck to stop air infiltration
  • Will not damage pool cover

Cover Clips

  • Clips and holds the cover to the top rail
  • Helps to prevent wind and other related destruction
  • Minimizes cover movement and abrasions

Cover Pumps

  • Reduces the weight of water on the cover
  • Reduces stress on the pool frame

Helpful Hints

1. Balance Pool Water. Unbalanced water can have damaging effects on pool equipment, especially liners, winter covers, and top rails. Bring a water sample to your local Sunny’s for a free test.
2. Vacuum The Pool. The cleaner the pool is when you close it, the easier opening will be in the spring. Vacuum to waste if the setting is available on your filter. If not, vacuum slowly to avoid stirring up soft sediment.
3. Reduce The Water Level. For thru-wall skimmers, lower the water level 2″ below the return jet. FOr an Aquador skimmer, lower the pool level 2″ below the skimmer.
4. Clean The Liner. Now is a great time to clean the liner and get rid of any unsightly water lines.
5. Plug Return & Install Aquador. Plug your return jet with a threaded or expandable plug to protect against freeze damage. If using an Aquador, snap on the plastic lid. This positively seals the skimmer and protects it from damage.
6. Disconnect Filter From Pool. Remove all pressure gauges, sight glasses, valves, etc. for storage. Drain the water from the filter completely to prevent any freeze damage.
7. Remove All Ladders
8. Winterizing Chemicals. Dissolve each chemical separately and our around the inside perimeter of the pool. Do Not Mix Chemicals Together to ensure the quality of the pool water, usually “more is better” when adding winter chemicals.
9. Install Ice Equalizer Pillow. 24 hours prior to installing the pool cover, inflate the pillow 100% to ensure no air leaks. After the air is maintained, remove 30% of the air so the pillow is spongy. Tie the pillow loosely to the uprights on the outside of the wall to allow for movement.
10. Install Pool Cover. Follow factory instructions. Save warranty and instructions, the black side of the cover faces the water. Sharp or pointed areas on the pool should be padded with foam. Do Not Attempt To Pull The Cover Tight. Use 2 cover clips per top rail to minimize wind coming under the cover. Inground pools and pools with decking should use water tubes to hold the cover in place.
11. Store Ladder & Pool Equipment. Clean out your filter. Sand filters should have sand replaced every other year (sand does go bad). Soak the element cartridge in a cartridge degreaser to prepare the filter for next year. For D.E. cartridges now is a great time for an acid wash. All rubber to plastic connections should be lubricated with a water lube. Add 2-3 drops of penetrating oil on the shaft of the motor for added protection during the winter.
12. Pump Off Excessive Water. Be sure to use a cover pump to pump off excessive water during the course of the winter to relieve stress from the cover and pool frame.
13. Gas Heaters. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for winterizing. We do not recommend covering the heater.
14. Main Drains. If you have bottom drains, use pool anti-freeze to protect all underground piping. Please ask Sunny’s associate for proper closing instructions.

Winter Accessories

Equalizer Pillow
Pool Anti-Freeze
Cover Pumps
Cover Clips
Cover Wraps
Leaf Eater
Vinyl Cleaner
Filter Perfect
Pool Magic
Winterizing Kit
Winter Water Tubes

Pool Covers

Sunny’s Pools & More has great deals on pool covers. Make sure your pool is protected all fall and winter with one of these great covers.

Economy Pool Covers

Economy Cover

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Quartz Pool Cover

8-Year Quartz Pool Cover

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Silver Pool Cover

15-Year Silver Pro Pool Cover

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Pool Cover Care


Cover-Care By Danner Manufacturing, Inc
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Hydrotools Cover Saver

Hydrotools Cover Saver
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Hydrotools Swimline

Hydrotools Swimline
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