How To Clean Your Hot Tub Jets

How To Clean Hot Tub JetsCleaning out a hot tub’s jets is very important. Much like a bathtub, bacteria and oil residue can build up and not only will it expose you to harmful germs, it will also minimize the effectiveness of the jets. But how can you combat this? The best way to ensure that you and your hot tub remain safe is to clean out the jets regularly.

When Should You Clean Your Hot Tub? 

Typically, you should deep clean your hot tub every two to three months. However, there are some special circumstances that could change this. If your hot tub starts to emit foul odors, then you should clean it immediately. Putrid smells are linked to more bacteria and algae in the water. If you have been using your hot tub more than usual, perhaps with more people, you should deep clean it. Oils from people’s skin along with soap or baby oil that people may use can clog the jets and reduce their function, its best to clean this out soon so you will not have lasting damage. You should also clean it if you haven’t used your hot tub in a long time. Stagnant water tends to hold more bacteria than moving water. 

How Do You Clean Out the Hot Tub Jets?

There are two popular ways that you can use to clean your hot tub jets. Firstly, you could remove the jets from the tub overnight. To do this, you simply unscrew the jets from their respective places on the tub. Then, you can soak the jets in vinegar and water overnight. The acidic components of the vinegar will remove mineral deposits from inside the jet. Before replacing the jets into the tub, take a small brush to scrub the internal gears within the jet component. This way, all debris and minerals that have accumulated can be manually removed. Lastly, place the jet back into the tub. Just be careful to place the jets back into their respective spots without causing the misalignment of the threads. 

The second way is to fill the hot tub with hot water to just over the jets. Then, add powdered dishwasher detergent, at least three teaspoons. For a more thorough clean, you can add a half-cup of bleach to the warm water. After you place the detergent and bleach, run the jets for 15 minutes. Then, drain the warm water and fill the tub with cool water before running the jets for another 15 minutes. Drain once more and your hot tub should be free of bacteria and oil residue.

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