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FROG @ease Hot Tub Sanitizer

Why Choose Frog Products?

Make opening, closing and maintaining your swimming pool easier with Frog Products. At Sunny’s Pools & More, we highly recommend Frog to all out customers. From King Technologies, Frog has been helping pool owners for over 20 years. Traditional chlorine and other chemicals can really be a hassle. Make life easier with Frog!

From testers to Bam, we carry all the Frog items you need for your pool or spa. Visit us today for more information on all our great products!

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Pool Frog Fresh Mineral Water

Frog 6100 System

Make your pool sparkling clean with Pool FROG® 6100. Frog enables you to be spending more time in your pool enjoying crystal clear, silky soft water without handling or measuring pool chemicals. The Pool FROG system creates Fresh Mineral Water® that kills bacteria in two ways, with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine, requires no daily dosing, eliminates smelly chlorine odors, and invites loads of fun. Prefilled cartridges make them easy to take care of.This all-in-one sanitizing system is always in high demand each season. Beat the rush and orders yours now from Sunny’s Pools & More!

Frog Product Bam

Algae can wreak havoc on your swimming pool. That is why Frog Bam is essential for all pool owners. Would you enjoy guaranteed protection from algae for 90 days? Frog Bam does exactly that! In addition, it is specially designed to dispense through one of their Pool FROG Cyclers (Model 5400, Model 6100, XL PRO® or Twin) FROG BAM can also be used with INSTANT FROG® or Flippin’ FROG®. Works great as a winterizer also.Frog Products

Frog Products Bam

Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir 6100 Series

Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir 6100 Series gives pool owners a way to dramatically reduce their chlorine consumption with an all-natural solution, without compromising the cleanliness or health of the pool environment. Aboveground Mineral Reservoir’s patented design utilizes natural minerals to kill bacteria and other organic compounds, and will greatly reduce common chlorine side-effects, such as swimsuit discoloration, skin and eye irritation, and a reduced odor.This system will not only make your pool feel better because of its filtering, but will save you money by reducing the amount of chlorine you will need to keep your pool healthy.

Frog Mineral

Frog Bac Pacs

Pool Frog’s Bac Pac provides pool owners with a way to supply chlorine to their systems slowly and steadily, enabling maximum chlorine effectiveness. Bac Pac is a cartridge insert that works with all Frog and Cycler systems to provide a way to eliminate constant hand feeding of chlorine on a daily basis to maintain pool health as well as saving considerable time and money with this more efficient, self-contained system.

Test Strips

The Frog sanitizing systems are not fully chlorine-based, they use minerals to help keep your water clean and healthy. If you want to test your water health you will need the Frog Test Strips! FROG® Test Strips are to help you dial in the correct low levels of chlorine in your pool — which can make your Chlorine Cartridge last twice as long.

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Frog Products Test Strips

Instant Pool

Instant Pool

This super easy Frog Mineral Pool Sanitizer can sanitize up to 25,000 gallons! Also, it will deliver sanitizing minerals for up to six months. These minerals will kill bacteria and reduce the use of chlorine up to 50%.If you or your family is sensitive to chlorine, then this sanitizer greatly reduces that to make your water clean without the over use of chlorine. At Sunny’s Pools & mMore, we highly recommend the Frog Instant Pool system!