Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

FROG Products Easy Swimming Pool Maintenance

Things We Used To Do

The pandemic has certainly changed our lives in many ways. Take a look back at some of the things you used to do as little as three years ago. Now take a look at our lives and what we do now. We looked forward to summer and all of the things we would do and all of the places we were set to go to. Although staying home was always nice, now we look forward to all of the things we will do at home during the summer.

A New Backyard Swimming Pool For Easy Swimming

Many people never had a backyard swimming pool before they were forced to stay home. However, this is something else that changed as a result of the pandemic for many people. You took a look at your yard and began to think that it would be enjoyable to have a pool to take a dip in after a long day of work. The kids loved the idea when you discussed the idea of putting in a pool, They even said that they would take care of it once you explained that a pool needs to be cleaned and maintained. Of course, they all said that they would take care of the chores. But since they are kids that really didn’t last too long.

Making Pool Maintenance Easy

Now that the pool maintenance is back on your shoulders, you need to make sure that maintenance is as easy as possible. We don’t have an “easy button” that you can push to take care of things. What we do have are some of the things you will need to keep that water nice and clear. They can be ordered right from our site too.

Opening For The Summer

When you think about opening your pool for the summer you will need to “shock” your pool, You need something that will take care of all of the algae and other things that have built up in your pool during its down season. We recommend using Poolife Pool Breeze Power Shock Treatment. This is a highly effective treatment to help sanitize your pool and to shock it for seasonal use. It also prevents algae from growing and it also stabilizes the pool for your use and enjoyment.

Keep That Water Sparkling

Once your pool is open for your use you will need to consider regular maintenance. Once swimmers hit the water they all leave behind certain contaminants in the water. Don’t worry this is natural and nothing to be overly concerned about. As we have weathered the Covid 19 pandemic we are more sensitive to contaminants and we are constantly using sanitizer on our hands. Think of Poolife Quick Swim Oxidizer as being similar to your hand sanitizer but on a much larger level. This product is easy to use but powerful enough to get the job done without any fuss. Just add it while swimmers are taking a lunch break or a timeout from pool activity for around 15 minutes. You can also use Poolife Quick Swim Oxidizer as part of your regular weekly maintenance to keep your water sparkling clean and inviting.

Easy Swimming Pool Care

Need anything else for your pool? We have it for you and your swimming pool maintenance. Visit our products page for more ideas on how you can keep your pool clean without any hard labor. Your pool is meant to be something that the entire family can use and enjoy. Quality family time is important and we have everything you need to bring everyone together for some fun bonding.