Swimming Pools

What is the best filter to use?

We feel that the cartridge filter is better then sand and D.E. (diatomaceous earth). A grain of table salt is 90 microns . The sand filter will filter down to 30 microns the cartridge cleans as small as 7 microns and the D. E. system will filter down to 5 microns. The D.E. systems filter to a smaller particle but they require much more maintenance then the sand or cartridge filters . This is because every time they are cleaned, they should be soaked in muratic acid, and then sprayed of and more D.E. needs to be added to the filter.

A sand filter is not bad because it is less maintenance then the D.E. system. For those who are on well water, be aware that cleaning a sand filter involves flushing dirt from the sand via water in the pool. This means that if more water is needed after the filter is clean the chemical level of the metals copper and iron, as well as the pH and alkalinity levels of the water have gone up and may have to be treated. When using a cartridge (also called element filter) the only water that is lost is what is in the canister (not enough to add more water) and simply spraying the cartridge with a garden hose should leave the filter clean and ready to put back. This is the best balance between filtration and less work!

Why would I want center (or floor) drains?

Every above ground pool has a surface skimmer, whether it is over the wall or through the wall. The skimmer can only take the top 6-8″ of water from the top of the pool and send it through the filter and back into the pool.

The purpose of the floor drain is to improve filtration and circulation by drawing the water in the pool from the floor drains as well as the skimmer. Now there is filtration from two spots instead of just one. The result is a cleaner, clearer pool and less vacuuming. Dirt and debris can be brushed to the bottom drain where it will be picked up and sent to the filtration system. Now that saves you time and work!

How do I know what size filter to use?

Horse power on motors can range anywhere from 1/2 hp all the way up to 2hp: running the pump and motor on your pool will keep it filtered and clean, the more you run the filter system the better. The only down fall to running the filter a lot is operational cost.

Depending on how large the hp is will fluctuate operational cost, the bigger the motor (hp) the more it will cost to run the motor.Look into getting 2 speed motors low speed and high speed to cut down on electrical costs. Contact your nearest viscount location to find out what size is right for the pool you want.

What is the difference between a one speed motor and a two speed motor?

A single speed motor would be considered to have only high speed. Most pool owners with one speed motor are running the filter ten hours on and ten hours off. This is enough circulation to keep the water clean as long as you remember to run the filter every day.

The advantage of a two speed motor is that you can run the motor on low speed 24/7 and it doesn’t cost any more to run then the one speed motor, but allows 24 hour filtration instead of just 10

Are there a difference in how oval pools are made?

Yes some pools use a traditional side bracing. These are known as those brackets that stick out in the yard about three feet. Then there are yard saving buttress supports that don’t stick out in to the yard. Now some manufactures use yard saving supports that have to be trenched into the ground and require blocking and concrete to hold them in place.

The better way is a yard saving buttress that is referred to as a no dig support sits on ground and is connected to the other one opposite of each other. Which self squares itself a great design for a do it yourself installation.

Do I have to pull a permit for a pool?

Yes, you should contact your city or townships building department for rules and regulations on where you can place the pool in your yard. You should also check on requirements for safety you may need a fence on the pool.

If you any further questions or comments please use our contact form and we will be glad to answer any question or concern you may have.