How big is the room in which I wish to place the table?

When choosing a pool table, there are several questions that you must first answer for yourself. These questions are geared to several different categories. The first thing that you must determine is what size table you wish to purchase. Sometimes, this will be decided by your room dimensions, and other times it may be decided by the intended use of your table. Although pool tables are commonly referred to as 4 x 8′ or 4 1/2 x 9′, the table itself will not measure those dimensions. Tables come in four different sizes;

Common Size
3 1/2 x 7′
4 x 8′
4 x 8′ oversized
4 Y2 X 9′
actual playing surface
39″ x 78″
44″ x 88″
46″ x 92″
50″ x 100″
outside dimension
52″ x 91″
57″x l0l”
59″ x 105″
63″ x 113″

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