How Do I Close My Pool For Winter?

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Are you thinking about getting a head start on closing your pool this year? During the winter months keeping your pool covered will keep leaves and other debris from getting into the water while you are not using your pool. Preventing foreign objects from getting into your pool, will keep your water’s chemistry from becoming altered, eliminating you from having to add extra chemicals. Be sure to use  a pool cover that is designed for your pool and fits properly.pool-with-ball

The first step in closing your pool for the winter, is taking a sample of your water. You will want to know exactly what it is that your pool needs to prevent algae and bacteria build up during the winter months. In most cases you will only need a dose of algaecide, a top off of sanitizer, and a final addition of shock.

Ensuring you clean your filter from any debris, store your pumps strainer basket, and brush/ vacuum your pools lining is important. If you can store the entire filter/pump indoors, it is recommended. This will prevent the stress from drastic temperature changes. Not only will properly cleaning and storage prevent damage to your pool or pool accessories, but it will make opening your pool next season less of a hassle and potentially save you from costly repairs.

Be sure to read your owners manual as some pools require different steps. Always follow the manufactures recommendations to best preserve your pool. If you are in need of chemicals, or pool covers visit any one of our Michigan locations in Flat Rock, Livonia, Macomb, Monroe, or Waterford today!