How to Properly Cover Your Pool

Cover Your Pool

It’s time to cover your pool! Winter is coming, meaning it’s time to make sure your pool is closed. Covering your pool helps protect it until the spring season comes back around. However, you need to make sure that you are covering your pool properly. So, what is the right way to cover up?

Reasons to Cover Your Pool

When you are closing your pool, having a cover is important. While a pool cover is technically not necessary for the winter, it protects your pool from a variety of issues that you have to face when reopening it. If you were to leave your swimming hole without a top, it would allow debris to fall into it. Over time this debris will contaminate the water and cause structural damage (scaling, stains, algae growth). Furthermore, if the water is constantly exposed to sunlight. This will cause the deterioration of winter chemicals and lead to potential damage to your pool. Having a covering will prevent all of this, preserving your chemicals and keeping it clean till it’s time to open your pool again!

In addition, a pool covering provides the best protection over the winter months. So, now that you know the importance of covering your pool, how do you do it properly?

Properly Covering Your Pool

So, how do you cover your pool? First of all, it’s recommended that you have an air pillow. Air pillows are used to prevent a solid piece of ice from forming on the surface of your pool water. It does this by creating an uneven surface that prevents ice from solidifying into a singular piece. It is your choice if you want to buy one or not, however, it is a useful and affordable item. Afterward, it is time to secure your cover. You can secure a cover by threading a wire through the metal rings on the garment. Depending on the pool, you might need to wrench the cover down to secure it. In addition to the cable, you should get cover clips to add extra security.

Even after you have secured your cover, the job isn’t done. You have to manage the covering over the winter months. The wind is a natural enemy to any covering so adding a bit of water on the top will prevent your cover from going haywire. If ice begins to form on the cover, don’t remove it. Removing ice can tear your cover. Instead, wait till it melts then remove it with a cover pump. Furthermore, you need to remove rain and snow the same way so it does not weigh down your cover.

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