Perfect Pool For A Small Yard

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Chances are, if you have a small residential backyard, it will be nearly impossible for you to have an inground or semi-inground pool installed. The size of some backyards simply just doesn’t accommodate the installation of a pool that requires a lot of digging and groundwork. But that may just be a blessing in disguise if you want to avoid tearing up the earth in your backyard, anyway.

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines this spring and summer if you wish to add a pool to your property but are hopeless because of what you deem to be a small backyard. Viscount Pools carries above ground pools built in many different shapes and sizes from many different manufacturers. We carry the best above ground swimming pools in Waterford or Pontiac MI, and would love to make you a swimming pool owner as soon as possible!

If you decide to go with an above ground pool made by Premier Aluminum (formerly known as Esther Williams), you have the option of adding a pool to your yard built in one of the following designs:

  • Classic Coliseum Round
  • Coliseum
  • Fairfield
  • Monument

In the case of the Coliseum and Classic Coliseum Round, you can choose your wall design; Carved Granite or Chateau. We also sell high quality above ground pools in Pontiac or Waterford, MI made by trusted manufacturers like Cornelius, Aqua Sports, or Lomart Pools.

Since the above ground pools sold by the Metro Detroit swimming pool professionals at Viscount Pool West are designed in various shapes and sizes, you can be certain to find a pool that matches the dimensions of your backyard. Above ground pools in MI don’t require nearly the same commitment as in-ground pools. So say, for whatever reason, you moved from a house with a large backyard in which you had an in-ground pool previously installed, into a house with a small backyard in Waterford or Pontiac, Michigan. You would be out of luck in this scenario. But you can break an above ground pool down and take it with you when you plan your move. Also, the incoming residents can get rid of an above ground pool without much difficulty if they don’t want one, but it would be tough to fill in an in-ground pool.

You’re sure to find the perfect pool for a small backyard in Waterford or Pontiac, MI when you shop with us at Viscount Pools West. If you’d rather go the route of a hot tub or spa, that would be another great way to make due with what you have, and we’re more than qualified to help you there, too!