Pool Filtration Systems in Michigan

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

If you are thinking about installing an above ground, or semi-in ground pool in your yard, you won’t want to forget about a filtration system to keep your water crystal clear. Pool filters are important in maintaining a healthy swimming environment as it removes dirt, debris, bird poop, and other small foreign objects from your water.

There are two different types of filtration systems for above ground, or semi-inground pools in Michigan.

Sand Filtershaywards

Sand Filters clean your pools water by flushing it though a bed of sand. The bed of sand in your sand filter traps foreign objects that are flowing in your water. After pool water passes through the sand filter, it is directed back into your pool. Over time the build-up of debris in your filter will slow down the flow of water, and will need to be cleaned. Cleaning a sand filter consists of back-washing your filter, then rinsing. There are cycle options on your filter to change from filter to backwash, backwash to rinse, and so on.

Cartridge Filterssn-sta-rite-ag-cartridge-filter-sys

Rather than using sand to filter your pools water, cartridge filters use a cartridge that needs to be replaced every so often. The cartridge in the filter provides as a barrier for foreign items that come in contact with it, while allowing clean water to flow back into your above ground or semi-in ground pool. Cartridge filters eventually need to be cleaned or changed once the pressure rises to a certain level. You can clean the cartridge, but eventually it will need to be replaced to produce best results.

Browse our inventory of sand or cartridge filters to find the best option for your above ground or semi-above ground pool. If you have any questions regarding which option is best for your needs, please contact the professionals at Viscount West.