Baquacil Available

Baquacil is a chlorine-free brand of pool cleaning products that keeps your pool looking its best all season long. Also, Baquacil pool products help you give your pool an excellent look in less than 24 hours. Becuase of the fact there is no chlorine, your pool water will not be harsh on the eyes or clothes as you swim and enjoy your pool.

The Baquacil brand has a variety of products to choose from to help maintain your pool. From Oxidizers to Sanitizers they have it all. In addition, your friendly pool experts at Sunny’s Pools and More can help you find the right products for your pool. Visit us today at anyone of our great locations.

Baquacil CDX System

The CDX System is chlorine free and is designed to maintain a consistent oxidizer residual in your pool water. This residual helps in removing contaminants in the pool and will help keep your water looking clear all summer.

Baquacil Sanitizers

The sanitizers are available in 1/2 gallon bottles. The sanitizer is used to control levels of bacteria and algae in your pool. Also, the sanitizers have a long shelf life and will last longer than chlorine based sanitizers.

Baquacil Oxidizers

The oxidizer is a chlorine-free liquid oxidizer with specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide that is used to remove contaminants in your swimming pool water.

Baquacil Algaecides

Depending on the type of algae you are experiencing, Baquacil has a large line of algaecides to help prevent any type of algae from forming. Algaecides such as:

  • Select Algicide
  • AlgiDefense Algistat
  • Performance Algicide
  • Premium Algicide
  • Algicide

Baquacil Balancers

All pool water needs to keep a good balance of pH, total alkalinity, and calcium hardness. You need to keep them all within the proper range to maintain a beautiful look and feel to your pool water. Baquacil offers a whole line of balancers to choose from such as:

  • Total Alkalinity Increaser
  • Calcium Hardness Increaser
  • pH Increaser
  • pH Decrease

As you can see, Baquacil has an extensive line of products to help maintain your pool water. Visit one of our great Sunny’s locations today for more information on products needed to help maintain your pool. Also, feel free to have your water tested as well, this helps us determine what you need for your pool.