Save Money on Hot Tubs or Spas

Save Money On Your New Hot Tub

Michigan homeowners who are interested in owning a hot tub or spa have finally realized that spas or hot tubs are the keys to relaxation. After a long day at work, what is better than jumping into a soothing hot tub or spa in Michigan. At Sunny’s Pools & More, we carry a full inventory of the latest spas or hot tubs from Viking Spas or Dimension 1 Spas.

Save Money On Your New Hot Tub

Regardless of whether you prefer to relax in your outdoor hot tub or your indoor spa, you can find the perfect shape, size, or style for you and your family. From spas ranging from 4 seats to 10 seats, there is room for the entire family, plus some. To make your Wayne or Oakland county hot tub set up complete, we also carry a full line of hot tub accessories, perfect to compliment any Vikinghot tub, or Dimension 1 hot tub set up.

Sunny’s Pools & More, with four convenient Michigan locations between Oakland, Wayne, or Monroe county is your one-stop-shop for hot tubs, spas, or spa accessories. Before making a trip into our store, be sure to check out our current great offers! You can save big on the purchase of hot tub chemicals, supplies, or pool accessories, as well as other great savings throughout the year.

Don’t wait until the weather breaks to purchase your new hot tub or spa. Buying during the winter months can save you a ton of money, as the demand is much lower. And, if you want to save even more money on maintaining your spa or hot tub throughout the year, be sure to sign up for our weekly mailing list. We e-mail coupons for great savings on chemicals, accessories, as well as some freebies just for you

To find out more about owning a hot tub in Michigan, or to see how you can save big on maintaining pools or hot tubs contact us today. We will be sure to help you with any questions you may have!