DIY Pool Installations

DIY PoolNothing is better in the hot Summer than relaxing in a cool pool with the rest of your family. But having a pool installed can be expensive and scheduling an appointment can be difficult in the busy season. Thankfully, you can save some money by installing your own above-ground pool. But how do you do that?

How to Install Your Own DIY Pool

Step 1: Clear a space in your yard and level the soil where the pool will be placed.

First, you have to clear away all of the grass and rocks from the area that will become the pool. You should make sure that any sharp objects that can puncture the pool liner are completely removed. 

Step 2: Pack the area with sandbags and pack them into the dirt.

You have to pack the entire area with sand and even it out to avoid divots in the pool liner in a later stage. 

During this step, you should also slope the inner area of the circle if you want an area of depth in the pool and also slope the edges of the circle so the liner will fit more snugly against the pool walls.

Then, make a rut on the external edges of the pool space to use for electrical wiring to the pool pump and water filter.

Step 3: Start installing the pool track, input the support beams, and connect the pool wall.

All of the pieces of the pool track connect to form a circle with areas that offer support for the beams. Make sure that the pool wall can fit in the grooves sitting in the inner part of the track. 

Once the track is set and stable, you can place the support beams on the track and place the pool wall to the grooves of the track. Then, bolt the pool wall to the beams. Make sure you place the smooth bolts on the inside of the pool in order to preserve the pool lining.

Step 4: Install the pool liner

After the frame is built, all you have to do is input the pool liner. Start in the middle and work your way out to the edges. You will have to rub out any ridges in the liner or divots in the ground to make sure they are not permanently present when the pool is completed. 

After this, you just have to install both the water pump and pool filter.

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