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Sunny’s Pools & More has new products arriving daily! Make sure to visit us often for the great offers on all our new items. Two of our newest items are Frog Products and Natural Chemistry.

New Products - FROG Products

Why Choose Frog Products?

Make opening, closing and maintaining your swimming pool easier with Frog Products. At Sunny’s Pools & More, we highly recommend Frog to all out customers. From King Technologies, Frog has been helping pool owners for over 20 years. Traditional chlorine and other chemicals can really be a hassle. Make life easier with Frog!

From testers to Bam, we carry all the Frog items you need for your pool or spa. Visit us today for more information on all our great products!

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Pool Frog Fresh Mineral Water

New Products Frog 6100 System

Make your pool sparkling clean with Pool FROG® 6100. Frog enables you to be spending more time in your pool enjoying crystal clear, silky soft water without handling or measuring pool chemicals. The Pool FROG system creates Fresh Mineral Water® that kills bacteria in two ways, with FROG minerals and a small amount of chlorine, requires no daily dosing, eliminates smelly chlorine odors, and invites loads of fun. Prefilled cartridges make them easy to take care of.This all-in-one sanitizing system is always in high demand each season. Beat the rush and orders yours now from Sunny’s Pools & More!

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New Products Natural Chemistry

Natural Chemistry has been providing top-of-the-line pool cleaning products since 1989. Also, their products will help maintain your swimming pool health all season long. If you are interested in any of these great products, visit your local Sunny’s Pools & More today!

Natural Chemistry Products

Pool Perfect® Max™

Pool Perfect® Max™Just one cap full per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water weekly can:

  • Control scum lines and also reduce tile line scrubbing
  • Works as a continouous filter cleaner
  • Removes maintenance levels of problem causing phosphates
  • Makes water sparkle like it has never done before
Pool Perfect® Total™
Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect® Total™
Pool Perfect® Total™ cleans pools in three ways:

  • Breaks down pollen, sunscreens, oils, lotions, and more with naturally based enzymes which also reduces filter cleaning and scum lines
  • Improves overall water clarity
  • Removes phosphates

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