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Get your pool ready for the summer! Come into your local Sunny’s Pools and More and get your water tested!

Pool Opening Assistance From the Pool Experts!

Are you a first-time pool owner? Or a seasoned owner who may need a few tips? Everyone can use a little pool opening assistance and the experts at Sunny’s Pools and More are here to help. You can visit any one of our convenient locations, and our pool experts can help you with things such as:

Water Testing and Pool Opening Assistance

At Sunny’s Pools and More, we always have great specials going and by visiting us we can help you save on all your pool and hot tub needs. Have you ever had your pool or hot tub water tested? Our experts can help you test your water to let you know what products you need to maintain a beautiful swimming pool or hot tub for years to come. In addition, a water test will help you determine the water chemistry of the pool or hot tub. Also, this helps to avoid things such as algae, acidic water, and much more.

By visiting one of our locations, our experts will help you get everything you need to have a successful summer full of fun in your pool. Also, we carry everything you need to make your pool the best place to be this summer.  Items such as new skimmers, floating toys, lights, covers, and much more.

Visit us today for great deals on Frog products. Frog products are highly recommended from Sunny’s Pools and More! No better way to start your summer than with some fun in the sun. Finally, visit one of our locations today and ask our experts what you need to enjoy a swimming pool or hot tub!

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