Prepare Your Hot Tub For Winter Use

Prepare your hot tub for winter use

It is important to prepare your hot tub for winter use. While hot tubs can stay open during the colder months, there is special care and preparation needed. Winter is rounding the corner so it is time to prepare for the freezing temperatures. So, how does someone prepare their hot tub?

First, it is important to know if keeping your hot tub open during the winter works for you. If you live in an area with severe temperatures and leave for extended periods of time then you might want to close your hot tub down. If that does not concern you then go for it. Don’t worry about running a hot tub during the winter. Proper maintenance will make running your tub cost-effective. So, let’s talk about the steps!

Preparing Your Hot Tub

There are four basic steps to follow when you need to prepare your hot tub for winter use. So, we are going to break down these steps into different sections.

Drain and Cleaning The Tub

When Winter starts, it going to be hard to clean your tube for a couple of months. It is recommended to clean your hot tub every 2-3 months. To ensure you do not need to clean during December, January, or February you should clean and scrub your tub before it gets cold.  You should clean the filters and vents to ensure that your hot tube will run smoothly.

Refill Your Tub

This seems like an obvious thing to do. But there are more steps that you should be taking. While refilling the tub, you should be testing and correcting the chemicals in your water. This a regular part of pool maintenance and it will guarantee that your water will be balanced.

Activate Freeze Protection

To activate freeze protection, you need to set your hot tube to the F3 “Standard” mode. In this mode, a sensor in the tub will be able to monitor the outside temperature and climate. If the climate is too cold, the pump will start running periodically. The pump will prevent any part of the hot tub from freezing, prevent damage.

Keep Your Hot Tub Covered

It is important to completely cover your hot tub when you are not using it. This will help prevent the temperature from escaping the tub. Furthermore, it will prevent your heater from running constantly. Basically, you will save money by keeping your hot tub covered.

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