Owning a Hot Tub in the Dead of Winter

Using your hot tub in the wintertime can be tricky. While it is great fun and provides a welcome respite from the doldrums of winter, you want to be mindful of the cold outside.  It sounds like a great way to warm yourself up during the bitter winter temperatures, however, there are also a few precautions one should adhere to.

Below are a few hot tub winter tips that will help you get through this season safe and relaxed.

Hot Tub Tips for Winter

During the winter months, there’s always a few interesting questions regarding which is the best spa to use, what to do prior to getting into the hot tub and many more. But have no fear, we’re here to help with your hot tubing this winter.

  1. Check your water levels frequently: If water levels get low enough, the pumps and heaters will begin to stop working. It is important that you check the water levels often to avoid the high expenses of trying to remedy a frozen hot tub.
  2. Take Shower & Add Lotion: When you get out of your hot tub, immediately remove your swimsuit and take a warm shower. This will remove any residual spa chemicals. While still damp apply some lotion. Your local pharmacy or beauty supply store has many great products for dry skin in winter.
  3. Wear a hat: Although it may sound silly, this is actually really helpful to those of you who live in an area that gets the worst of the winter. Hats, preferably a baseball cap or a knitted hat, keeps your hair dry and retains all heat from escaping through the top of your head.
  4. Use slippers or sandals: A lot of outdoor hot tubs are normally further than a hop away from the nearest doorway entrance. By simply avoiding the snow, dirt and debris barefoot will keep you both warm and healthy and your hot tub clean. Wearing shoes with a good grip on slippery surfaces is highly recommended.

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