Questions For Hot Tub Retailers In Monroe Michigan

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Many people in Michigan hesitate between getting a swimming pool or hot tub, or anything at all. We know these luxury items bring entertainment and enjoyment but there are unknowns when it comes to making such a decision living Downriver in cities like Monroe and Dundee Michigan. In these small cities in Michigan like Temperance and Frenchtown Township we have customers asking many questions.

The main questions we are finding customers ask are;

1. How do I find the best quality hot tub? Viscount Pools West has a large selection and is one of the biggest hot tub retailers in Monroe Michigan. Viscount Pools in Flat Rock and Monroe Michigan offer Emerald Spas and Great Lakes brand of hot tubs. Both are high quality brand of hot tubs. Contact our Monroe Michigan hot tub retail location for warranty and other information regarding these high quality hot tubs and buy the best style of hot tub that suits you today. 

2. Should I have an indoor or outdoor hot tub spa? Living in different areas of Michigan can determine where you want to have your hot tub located. With cities like Trenton and Temperance near our Monroe Michigan Viscount pools hot tub retailer location and cities like Milan and New Boston near our Flat Rock Viscount pools hot tub retailer location this question is brought up a lot because of the dust and dirt from the more rural country property. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both options but most important is to ask yourself if the hot tub spa will fit through a doorway and if your floor will be strong enough to hold the weight of the hot tub filled with water and people. Along with keeping into account the humidity it will bring into your home and if you have enough ventilation to prevent mildew damage.

3. Do I need to buy a hot tub cover when buying a hot tub spa in Michigan? It is always important to keep your hot tub clean of dirt and debris. There is some dirt you cannot avoid, coming from your body or feet from walking to your hot tub. But dirt from the air in Monroe Michigan can get into your hot tub unnecessarily. It is also important to have a cover to save on energy and money. Hot tub covers keep the water warm and less needing to heat it up. Hot tub covers also keep UV rays out of the tub interfering in the chemicals. Buy a hot tub cover from Viscount Pools retailer in Monroe Michigan today.

When you pick where your hot tub spa in Michigan will go whether its indoor or outdoor buy your hot tub from Viscount Pools West hot tub retailers in Monroe Michigan near Dixie Hwy and S. Custer Rd.  You can get to our Monroe Michigan hot tub retailer easily from both Telegraph Rd and the Detroit-Toledo Freeway 75. Whichever direction your coming from have it be from Taylor or Adrian Michigan Contact Us and any of our hot tub retail locations in Michigan will give you expert advice on all your buying a new hot tub spa questions.