Reasons To Use a Good Pool Cover For Winter

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There are many reasons to use a good pool cover for winter. As people are closing down their pools, covering your pool is important. Although people might not consider a pool cover as an important piece of equipment, it is. In fact, having a good pool cover can help prevent accidents and damages during the winter.

Reasons to Use A Pool Cover During The Winter

While closing their pools, people underestimate the value of a good pool cover. During the summer season, a pool cover may be an afterthought. So, when winter comes around people might skip the cover. However, a pool cover during the winter is essential, and here is why!


Overall, pool owners should be using pool covers throughout the year. These coverings can help with the safety of your pool, especially when it comes to children. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death amongst children 4 years and younger is drowning. In addition, smaller pets have a higher risk of drowning. However, an uncovered pool during the winter can be worse. If your pool is circulating during the winter and is uncovered, it will get a layer of ice that people can fall through. Falling through ice increases people’s chances of death by drowning.

However, there is another safety risk that can occur. If your pool is not circulating during the winter, your pool can freeze solid. That is right, your pool water can freeze. After a few days below zero, an entire pool can become filled with ice. This is a major slipping hazard and can lead to serious injuries.

As a result, covering your pool during the winter is essential for safety. While safety is the most important reason, there is another reason to cover your pool. To prevent winter damage.

Prevent Damages

It is not a secret that winter can cause damages to your pool. Sunny’s always promoting people to winterize their pool properly. However, a pool cover will help minimize these damages further. During the cold seasons, your pool can receive damage to:

  • Pool Liners
  • Tiles
  • Pipes

All of these are important components of your pool that will be difficult to repair during winter. In fact, damages to these items will likely have to wait till spring. This increases the chance of further damage. A pool cover will help minimize the damage by keeping out ice chunks, debris, and other objects that can damage the lining of your pool. In addition, putting a cover can help maintain the chemicals within the pool. This will keep your pool in good condition throughout the winter months. Furthermore, a good cover will save you money.

Save Money

Preventing damages is the best way to save money. However, a pool cover also helps people save money in other ways. Another way pool owners save money with a cover is that it prevents debris from entering the pool. Neglecting to put a cover on your pool will allow branches, dirt, and leaves to enter the water. While it may not seem like a big issue, you will have a huge mess in the spring. An uncovered pool can lead to a nasty, sludgy mess when it is time to reopen the pool. As a result, pool owners will have to pay a lot of money to clean up this mess. A pool cover will save you from paying a hefty cleaning fee.

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If a pool owner wants their pool to remain safe, damage-free, and cost-effective, you need a pool cover. At Sunny’s, we offer a variety of pool cover to help protect your pool throughout the year. However, we have more than a pool cover. Sunny has a variety of products and chemicals to make sure your pool is in the best shape it can be in.