Winterizing Your Pool and Backyard

winterizing your pool

Winterizing your pool and backyard is important to do during the fall. After all, you do not want your pool out during the winter. Many people start closing their pools after Labor Day. There are reasons why pool owners may delay closing their pools. However, to make sure your pool endures season after season, you need to take the time to close down your pool and backyard properly. And Sunny’s Pool & More! is about to tell you!

Steps For Winterizing Your Backyard

First of all, let’s start with the easiest part. Winterizing your backyard area. Although your pool is the main feature of your backyard, your patio furniture and other accessories need to be stored away for the winter month. Some people might assume that you only need to put away wood-based patio furniture. However, that is not true. In areas that reach low temperatures, like Michigan, plastic furniture can become brittle and break. So, regardless of your patio furniture material, you should store these items in an area that will not reach freezing temperatures.

Furthermore, it is important to put away with your patio umbrella and other toys. Leaving your umbrella or toys out during the off-season can cause lasting damage to the items. Mold and mildew can grow on the surfaces, leading to a nasty result when the snow leaves. Due to this, you are better off putting away these items as well. All of these items need to be clean and dry before putting them away. This will prevent mold and mildew from forming because of leftover moisture.

Closing Your Pool

With the majority of your backyard being closed down, it is time to focus on your pool. Time to put away your pool loungers and prepare to say goodbye to your pool for the next couple of months. During the winter, people will be unable to do maintenance for their pool. Without proper maintenance, your pool can suffer damages during the cold months. Winterizing your pool will prevent expensive repairs when spring and summer come around.

The first step to closing your pool is getting a chemical test for your pool. In order to preserve your pool, you need to make sure that the chemicals in your pool are balanced. An important step is to do a chlorine shock to your pool in addition to what chemicals you do add. However, you can reference out Closing A Pool In 4 Steps and 4 Dayswhich helps break down the pool closing process in simple steps. While you need to go through winterizing your pool and backyard, there is an exception to the rule.

Break Out The Hot Tube

After cleaning and closing down your pool and backyard, it is time to hit the hot tube! That is right. While pools are not able to stay open all year long, your hot tube can! Although you need to give your hot tube some special attention, you can enjoy the warmth all winter long!

When it comes to your winterizing and hot tube needs, come to Sunny’s Pool and & More!

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