Closing A Pool in 4 Steps and 4 Days

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The end of the summer can be devastating to pool loungers everywhere. Don’t fret! Summer will be back soon. Until then, preserve the summer glory by taking the necessary steps to properly close your swimming pool in Michigan.

Day 1:

Step 1: Remove all in ground or above ground pool accessories from the pool and test your water!

Before closing your pool, you need to make sure that the pH level in the pool is between 7.6-7.8, the pool alkalinity is 80-100 and the calcium hardness is 150-250. You also need to shock your pool with a chlorine shock to bring the chlorine level to 10-12 ppm. Then, give the pool time to come down to its normal level around 1.5-3.5 ppm before adding your cover or winterizing chemicals. This is a good time to properly winterize your pool to keep the chemistry of the pool on track during its off season.

Is your water balanced? Then, move on to Day 2!

Day 2:icon_solar-cover-diamond

Step 2: Clean and Back Wash the Filter

Relax and take a break. Do a final cleaning of your pool. Is all the debris from the summer fun gone? Do one final brush and vacuum. Next, back wash your filter.

Day 3:

Step 3: Lower the Water Level

You need to grab your filter pump and submersible pump for this step. Use your pump to lower the water to 4”-6” inches under the water return line. Your water should be at least below the water return line.

Day 4:

Step 4: Drain all of your pumps, filters, and Heaters and store them away until next season

Drain the water out of the drain plug or blow the line out with a shop vac. Have a cartridge filter? This the perfect time to take them out and clean the grids or cartridges.

Drain and empty your chemical feeder. If you don’t empty it during your pools off season, you risk the chemical feeder being damaged.

Lastly, cover your pool with a solid winter cover that will keep out of all the debris, sun, and prevent the growth of algae.

If you have any question or need to purchase pool closing items contact your nearest Viscount West location today.

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