Time to Open Your Pool for the Season!

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Are you ready to open your pool for the season? When the weather starts to warm up, people are eager to open their pools. Nothing is more relaxing than laying on a pool float and soaking in the sun. However, after covering up your pool for a couple of months, there are a few things that you need to do before you start hosting a pool party or chilling in the pool solo.

Regardless of how long you have had your pool, it never hurts to go over the pool opening process. That is why Sunny’s Pool & More! is going to break down everything you need to open your pool and helpful tips.

Steps to Opening Your Pool For the Season

Opening your pool is not an easy feat. Although taking off the cover is simple enough, there are plenty of steps that follow afterward. These steps include:

  • Remove, Clean, and Store Pool Cover
  • Fill Up Your Pool
  • Clean Out Debris
  • Inspect/Clean Your Pool Filter
  • Reinstall Plugs
  • Get Your Pool Pump and Filter Ready
  • Test and Balance Your Pool Water
  • Shock Your Pool Water

Each of these steps is important to make sure your pool water is clean and healthy. All of these steps are important for your pool maintenance. However, none of these steps can be completed without the right equipment and pool chemicals.

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Equipment and Chemicals That You Need For Your Pool

In order to open up your pool, you will need to make sure you have the right equipment and chemicals. Although many pool owners will have some of the stuff on hand, things can change over the last couple of months. Maybe accessories and parts are broken or you ran out of a certain chemical. You should not open your pool until you have everything you need for the opening process. So, what do you need?

Depending on the results of the pool water test, you will need any one of these chemicals:

  • Calcium chloride
  • Algaecide
  • sodium chloride shock
  • Muriatic acid
  • Sodium bisulfate (dry acid)
  • Sodium bicarbonate

However, the equipment is a bit more complicated as it’s up to your discretion. Of course, you’ll need a skimmer net, pool brush, and telescope pole. But there is other equipment that pool owners can get to help maintain their pool. Shop Online for many of these products at Sunny’s Pool & More!


How to Open Your Pool in 5 Steps

The weather is finally warming up here in Macomb Michigan and you’ve got summer pool time on the brain. Getting ready to open your pool for the summer defines the change in season for pool owners. Most people in Livonia and Westland want to have their pool open for Memorial Day, but others may open theirs sooner, or even a little later. Regardless of when you decide to open your pool for your family to enjoy, there are still proper ways of going about it. But do you know all the necessary steps to summerize your pool? You may be asking yourself “How do I open my pool for Summer?”. Whether you’re a  new pool owner or someone who would just like some refreshing, Sunny’s Pools & More is here to help!

How to Open Your Pool for Summer

Properly cleaning your pool allows for a clean and safe swimming environment for you and your family. We have broken down for you, how to open your pool this spring.

  1. Uncovering the pool

    – You may have noticed that over the winter your pool cover has  Open Your Poolaccumulated debris water from melting snow or rain. First, clean off any debris that may be on the top of your pool cover then we recommend checking for any holes or damage to your cover. If you have a hole in your cover don’t drain your pool. You can either use a submersible pump or, if you have an above-ground pool, use a siphon to get as much water off of the cover as possible. After all, the water is drained, and you can remove the pool cover. Be sure to clean and dry it before you store it so mold does not accumulate.

  2. Fill up your pool

    – when you winterized your pool; you should have drained some water from it. Using a hose, bring the water levels back up to their normal level. You will want to make sure to remove winterizing equipment or plugs and reconnect your pool equipment. If you used antifreeze to protect the plumbing you will want to make sure you drain it. Turn on your filtration system.

  3. Cleaning and balancing your pool

    – You may notice some ugly stains have built up on your pool liner. Add Metal Free to the water and allow 2 hours of circulation. After several hours, check the chemical levels of your pool. If you need to get your water tested come to your local Sunny’s Pools & More. We are currently running a special on our water tests. The levels should be at

  • pH – 7.4 to 7.6
  • Alkalinity – 80 to 120 ppm
  • Chlorine – 2.0 to 4.0 ppm

If you need help balancing your pool’s levels, let us help. We’ll make sure to give you the best pool chemicals you’ll need for de-winterizing your pool. Our team of experts can point you in the right direction!

  1. Brush and vacuum your pool

    – Once you have added and allowed the chemicals to activate, you will want to vacuum and brush the algae that has accumulated. You will want to pay close attention to the details to ensure that you are getting your pool as clean as possible.

  2. Shock your pool

    – After allowing the filtration system to work overnight; you will want to shock your pool to remove the remaining bacteria.

If at any point you would like to make sure your water is at its proper levels, bring a water sample to your nearest Sunny’s Pools & More location. We will assist you in finding pool chemicals that you need to ensure your water is safe and ready to be enjoyed! We have been serving the Macomb, Flatrock, and Monroe long enough to know the best way to service your pool needs. For all your pool and spa needs, choose Sunny’s Pools!

Removing Winter Covers for Pools

Removing Winter Covers for Pools

It’s time to start removing winter covers for pools. With the weather warming up, people are preparing to open up their pools. However, there is specific care you have to take when removing your winter covers. There is a specific process that people should use to remove their covers and things you should be looking for.

Removing Winter Covers

It’s time to remove your pool cover. However, there is a specific step that you should take when putting away your winter cover. First of all, you should clean off your cover. Leaves and debris have been caked onto your cover. Clearing the debris will prevent it from falling into the water and prepare the cover to be put away. Blast the cover to clear the dirt in the center and use a broom to sweep the dirt around the edge of the cover.

After cleaning the cover, it is time to detach the cover straps. You should go around your pool and remove the anchor loops of its attachment. Depending on the type of anchor system, you will need to loosen the attachment with a tool. Moreover, it is important to keep the cover from sinking into the water. Once you have the cover detached, you need to pull the cover away from the pool. During this process, having a friend will be handy. While removing the cover, you should fold it over itself. This will allow the upside to lay on the ground and the underside can dry off. Now that you have the cover off, it is time to inspect the condition of the material.

Things To Look For

Once you have removed the pool cover, you should do an inspection. Before looking it over, you should put weights on the corners of the material so it can dry. During your inspection, you should be looking for tears or holes. If a cover has damage to it, it will make it as ineffective as a pool cover. Any dirt or contents on the underside should also be cleared before putting it away.

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