Pool Chlorine and Chemicals For Your Above Ground Pool

It is turning out to be a wonderful summer! Perfectly warm weather and plenty of time to lounge by or play in the pool. But is your pool safe from bacteria and other harmful elements? Get some more chlorine and chemicals to keep your family safe during the summer!Pool Chlorine and Chemicals For Your Above Ground Pool

One of the most frequently asked questions about chlorine is which is better; liquid or powder chlorine? There are advantages and disadvantages to each system so it’s more of a personal preference. Liquid chlorine is generally the easiest to use because you just pour it into the pool. It is efficient and cheap compared to other pool cleaning methods.

However, for smaller pools, liquid chlorine may damage the lining from the pure strength of it. Powder chlorine is the most popular type used by owners in personal pools. It is an easy way to use sanitizer for your pool. However, it is often more expensive than liquid chlorine.

Why are chlorine and chemicals important?

Chlorine is the chemical that kills bacteria and algae in a pool to make the water cleaner and safer for the swimmers. Without chlorine, deadly pathogens can be contracted through contaminated water. Pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, and Crypto are waterborne and can become fatal. Luckily, outbreaks are rare because of the use of chlorine and careful watch on the water’s pH content and alkalinity.

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Chemicals Needed to Start Your New Pool

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

So you just had a brand new above ground or semi-inground pool added to your Livonia or Northville, MI home this winter and are dying to test it out, huh? Well unfortunately, you probably won’t be opening your pool tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next day, or the day after that. But whenever Mother Nature does finally allow us to open our pools this spring, you’re going to need to make sure your pool has all the proper chemicals it needs, right off the bat. This not only keeps your pool fresh and healthy, but it keeps you and your family healthy and safe when you finally do get the chance to jump in.

-pH level. The first thing to address chemically is the pH level of your Northville or Livonia MI poolholidays-1054049-m because if it’s off in any way, there’s nothing you can add or substitute that will get it to work properly. The proper pH level is firmly between 7.2 and 7.6. Chlorine is exponentially more effective at sanitizing the water in your pool when your pH level is at a proper amount. It’s unlikely that your pH level will be stable as soon as you add your water, because most pool water contains so much alkaline, which calls for small doses of muriatic acid or dry acid to be added to it to balance out the pH level. Once you added the amount called for in the instructions, keep an eye on it the next few days to make sure the pH level isn’t fluctuating.

-Sanitizer. In most cases, people use chlorine, as you probably already know. Chlorine is so popular and heavily preferred because it’s inexpensive, comes in either solid tablets or liquids (which are both simple to administer), and are so readily available. When you first add chlorine to your pool in MI you’ll want to do it in “shock levels.” This is the term used to mean heavy quantities of chlorine to get your pool started. Applying extra circulation to your pool in addition to the shock level dosage will make it so that all the water gets treated properly during the beginning stages of your pool’s life. You can find many alternative sanitizing systems, at Viscount West, from top brands such as Nature², which is a sanitizing system that uses patented mineral-bed technology to provide crystal clear water as well as improved water quality.

-Alkalinity. Once you’ve scratched sanitizer off your checklist, it’s time to make sure the water’s alkalinity is within reason. Total alkalinity is the number of carbonates, hydroxides and bicarbonates that have collected in your pool water. When you maintain a good alkalinity reading it will enable you to keep a proper pH level. Alkalinity is so crucial because water that is too hard has a negative sk_natural_clafifier_pool1impact on your jet nozzels, pump seals, and immersed equipment.

If you notice that the water in your pool is cloudy, Viscount West has the remedy for that! Chemical products we carry like SeaKlear can clarify your cloudy water with just one application per week! So contact us today if you need to learn more about the chemicals we carry or would like to get some tips as a first-time pool owner.