How to Clean Up Pool Incidents

cleaning up after pool incidents

Cleaning up after pool incidents can be a challenge. Even if you are trying to be safe around the pool. Let’s face it, in or out of the pool, accidents happen all the time. People can get hurt and have cuts leaving open wounds. Others get sick and vomit. Not to mention a diaper explosion or training pants leak. However, all of these problems go to another level when a pool is involved. Most people know what to do when these accidents happen on dry land. But what happens when someone pukes in the pool? While the public swimming pool has staff to handle that, private pool owners have to handle the situation themselves. Sunny’s is here to help with a little guide to cleaning your pool after accidents.

Cleaning Up After Pool Incidents

The Centers for Disease Control has a helpful guide to help you through these pool incidents. First of all, regardless of containment (vomit, blood, fecal, etc.), you need to get everyone out of the pool. If an individual vomits pool water after swallowing it, it is perfectly fine to continue swimming. However, if the vomit has any stomach content, you must get everyone out of the pool. This type of vomit can expose swimmers to infectious diseases. While blood does not have the same germ risk, it is better to have people leave the pool if there is a large amount of blood so it can be cleaned. All other containments must be treated with the same care.

After removing all the swimmers, you need to remove the contaminants from the pool. While cleaning the vomit and fecal material, you should put on gloves to prevent exposure. Using a net or bucket, you should remove the material from the pool so it can be safely disposed of. Clean out as much of the material as possible. After discarding the contaminants, disinfect the equipment used to clean the area and wash your hands thoroughly.

Afterward, you need to raise your chlorine level and keep it at 7.5 pH or less for 30 minutes. This will kill any remaining bacteria and viruses. You should also check your filtration system and make sure it is operating properly.

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