Pool and Hot Tub Water Testing at Viscount Pools West!

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Having your swimming pool water tested is essential because it helps keep your pool sanitary. Not cleaning your pool can create all types of bacteria that you do
not need. What better way to start off the summer right than to have a clean pool to swim and relax in?

Here at Viscount Pools West, we offer hot tub water testing and pool water testing to our customers at all of our locations including Livonia, Macomb, Monroe, Flat Rock, and Waterford! To get the best results, we recommend for our customers to come in with a fresh sample of pool or hot tub water that has been no more than 30 minutes old. We also advise that the pool water sample is about 18 inches deep, away from any debris surrounding it. Once you arrive with
your swimming pool water sample, that’s when we get to work. We then test your pool water with our LaMotte WaterLink Spin system, in which tests your water levels for proper water chemistry.

Hot Tub Water Testing At All Locations

If you are interested in getting your pool water tested, fill out one of our water testing forms today!

Don’t forget to fill out:

  • The size of the pool
  • Temperature of the water
  • Pool type
  • Volume of the pool

This criterion is very important when filling out the water testing form and will aid in a more accurate test reading. The process is very easy and takes very little time to do so!

So contact us for a water testing for your hot tub or swimming pool now. Make sure to ask questions if you are looking for specific chemicals and sign up for our email list for product and chemical specials we have all summer long! Viscount Pools West value our customers and are always ready to give assistance!

Water Testing and Water Maintenance

Computerized Water Testing and Water Maintenance

Testing your water can help prevent maintenance on your hot tub and keep the hot tub sanitary for its users. Also, correct water management starts by analyzing and balancing the hot tub water. Water tests such as pH and sanitizer need to be performed on a regular basis.

If Chlorine is used, it should be tested by a method that will measure Free Chlorine. Free Chlorine refers to the hypochlorite ion and the hypochlorous acid usually added to water systems for disinfection. Tests for total calcium hardness and alkalinity are performed less often. Keeping the proper water chemistry for your hot tub is important, to help keep the water quality high so all who use the hot tub will enjoy it.

How To Get Water Testing

A great way to test your water is to bring it to Sunny’s Pools & More. We offer Computerized water testing and will test your water levels so you know what you need to do to maintain proper water chemistry. The process is simple, fill out this form here, then fill a bottle with your hot tub or pool water, and bring it to one of your convenient Sunny’s Pools & More locations.  We use the LaMotte WaterLink Spin system to test your water.