When To Close A Pool in Michigan

When To Close A Pool in Michigan

It is that time of year again when temperatures will soon drop and jumping in your pool to cool off after a long day at work will be a dream. Unlike southern states in which residents can keep their pools open year long, Michigan pool owners have to open and close their pool each year. So, when is the right time to close your pool in Michigan?

Close A Pool in Michigan At The Right Time

Michigan weather is so up and down during the August or September, there really is no set date to close your pool. Many residents like to keep their pool open for Labor Day as they typically have friends and family over. A good way to judge when to close your pool in Michigan is temperature. When the temperature begins to drop to a steady 60 degrees, it is a good time to think about closing your pool. Using this a guideline will allow you to get the job done before the temperature drops and make it uncomfortable for you to be outside trying to get your pool closed in Michigan.

Properly closing your pool is also very important. Paying attention to how you close your pool and ensuring you do it right will make opening your pool in Michigan that much easier. Sunny’s Pools & More has great products to help winterize and properly balance the chemicals in your pool during pool closing season in Michigan.

Here are some brief tips for properly closing your pool in Michigan:

  • Remove all accessories such as automatic cleaners or ladders
  • Check your winter pool cover for holes or damage
  • Scrub and clean pool liners and remove debris from the pool
  • Properly balance chemical levels in your pool

Although pool closing can be stressful, be sure to make a stop into your local Sunny’s Pools & More location to save big on end of season stock!