Why Should You Buy an Emerald Spa?

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Why Buy an Emerald Spa?

The Emerald experience, as distinct and rewarding as its many standard features and available options, provides a wonderful environment for relaxation, revitalization, and recreation. Also, Emerald Spa builds a highly respected product and has led the industry in innovation since their beginnings more than 30 years ago under the Polynesian Spa brand name. Each Emerald spa features advanced design, offers innovative engineering, and provides ultimate performance. Their spas are built with an emphasis on quality and trouble-free operation, so you get the most satisfaction from your spa ownership.

ErgoComfort Seating

Over twenty years ago Emerald Spa designed the industry’s first scientifically engineered ergonomic spa. In addition, that tradition continues by offering luxurious seating with real support and exceptional comfort. Today, the contoured seating options in their ErgoComfort shells—from Single and Reversible Loungers for really stretching out to their unique corner Captain’s Chairs—still set the standard by which spa comfort is judged.

EverClean Water Purification

Thier water filtration system—working in concert with SPA FROG mineral sanitization technology, a weir skimmer and filter elements treated with Microban, and ozone generators—produces the cleanest, freshest water possible; with the fewest chemicals and the least spa maintenance.

Reinforced Acrylic Shell

Built to last a lifetime, shells are formed from a cast acrylic sheet co-extruded with ABS that’s been reinforced with environmentally friendly Acrylobond. This engineered shell system contributes to overall dimensional stability and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Energy Efficient Design

The Emerald Spa line-up has achieved stringent CEC Title 20 compliancy through extensive engineering and testing in its on-site certified test lab. Also, this energy saving effort is supported by their full Reflectix cabinet insulation, ensuring years of reduced cost of ownership.

The Emerald Spa line-up has achieved stringent CEC Title 20 compliancy through extensive engineering and testing in its on-site certified test lab. This energy saving effort is supported by their full Reflectix cabinet insulation, ensuring years of reduced cost of ownership.

Environmentally Friendly

Emerald Spa is sensitive to the impact their manufacturing process may have on their environment. Also, they recycle all paper and cardboard waste as well as all plastic/acrylic manufacturing waste. To reduce air emissions, they have discontinued the use of fiberglass in their spas. They also have invested heavily in energy-efficient lighting and windows throughout their facility. They are committed to being an eco-friendly world partner.

High-Performance Jet Select

Their plumbing and manifold power distribution technology maximizes and equalizes flow to all jets. While an interchangeable system allows you to switch out jet faces to adjust the intensity. Also, the sensation of individual jets for a truly personalized hydrotherapy experience.

(Emerald Spa Corperation, 2014)

How to winterize a hot tub!

winterize a hot tub!*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Well, it is close to that time of the year when for whatever reason some people decide to close their
hot tubs for the winter. Here is the preferred way to winterize a hot tub.

We feel that winterization should be left to the pros, and when done carefully using the following instructions your risk of damage from freezing can be minimized! Please note products doesn’t warrant against freeze damage in a tub that has been winterized, either by the owner or by a professional service center.

Winterize a Hot Tub Process

Things that will be needed: 2 Gallons of NONTOXIC (R-V type) antifreeze, a strong wet/dry vacuum (shop vac), a turkey-baster, 1 or 2 light plastic dishes approximately 5” diameter
(from the bowl container), and Time approximately 2 hours.

*Instructions: Drain your tub. With a wet-vac, vacuum out of any water remaining in the foot-well and the seating. Then with each jet in the open position, vacuum each jet nozzle until no more water is being drawn out. DO NOT FORGET the small ozone jet in the foot-well. If your tub has a whirlpool diverter jet (all Hot Tubs have at least one) with a vacuum over the whirlpool jet nozzle (and plastic dishes over the suction intakes in the foot well) turn it to each position until there is no more water being drawn out.

Remove your filter, clean it and place it in storage until you restart your tub. Pour the NONTOXIC antifreeze into the filter canister until it runs out into the foot-well of the tub through suction intakes. With the turkey-baster, squirt a small amount of NONTOXIC antifreeze into each jet. Usually, the side jets will take a round one ounce, and the whirlpool jets will take several ounces (about 5 squirts per whirlpool jet).
DO NOT FORGET the small ozone jet that is located in the foot-well of your tub.


Difference Between Hot Tubs or Spas

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

Did you know that hot tubs and spas are not the same? Both hot tubs and spas are very relaxing. Both make great additions to your home especially if you are looking into increasing the value of your home. Don’t let the label of hot tub or spa determine your purchase. Choose your hot tub or spa based on the features. Learn about the differences between a spa and hot tub below.

Historical Differences Between a Hot Tub and a Spa

Hot Tub

Most modern day hot tubs are constructed from different types of wood. Hot tubs can be made from oak, teak, cedar, cypress, or redwood.  Even though every hot tub is not made of wood, chances are that if it is made of wood, it is a hot tub.  Another key difference between a hot tub and spa is the way the water enters into the hot tub. Hot bubbling water enters into the tub from under and around the seats.


Spas are made of materials other than wood. Also, Spas are made of molded plastic, acrylic, cement, or fiberglass. Built-in seats and water jets are characteristics of spas. Water enters into spas through the floor and seats, unlike hot tubs.

Today, hot tubs and spas are being built very similar and a number of differences between them is shrinking. Pick your hot tub or spa according to the amenities that you want.

Things to consider before a hot tub purchase:

  • How many people does my tub need to fit?
  • What amenities must my tub have?
  • Is my tub going inside or outside my house?
  • Am I going to have my tub built in or do I want to keep it portable?

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Difference Between Hot Tubs