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Are you planning on moving your hot tub? Nothing is more relaxing than soaking in a hot tub; letting your worries wash away. So, it seems obvious to move your spa appliance to your new home. However, moving a hot tub is not an easy task. After all, you need to make sure there is adequate space in your new home for your hot tub. Once you have the space set up, you are ready to move your hot tub, but what do you need to do?

Disconnect and Drain Hot Tub

The first step is to disconnect your hot tub from its power source so it can be moved. After you disconnect the tub, you should drain the appliance by loosening the drainage valve or a pump. To avoid slipping hazards, you should attach a drainage hose to the hot tub. After draining the hot tub, you should wipe down and clean the appliance before the next step.

Use a Furniture Dolly

Now, it’s time to move the hot tub. In order to use a furniture dolly, you will need three people to set the hot tub on the lift. Two people will go and grab opposite corners of the hot tub, allowing a 4×4 board (or boards) to be slipped underneath the hot tub by the third. Once the space is made, you can slip the furniture dolly underneath and remove the boards once it is in a stable position. You can use lifting straps to help support and balance the hot tub.

After transferring the hot tub to the moving truck, you will need to have one person pull the appliance up the ramp. After getting the hot tub into the truck, you need to secure it for the move.

Unload and Reconnect

When you are unloading your hot tub, you need to be aware of your surroundings to prevent damage to the hot tub and other structures. During the process, someone should be in front of the hot tub, and another person controlling the dolly. In addition, having people on the side of the ramp would also be beneficial. After transferring the hot tub to the new location, you need to place the 4×4 boards so you can place the hot tub down and recover the dolly. Once you are satisfied with the hot tub’s placement, you can refill and plug in your appliance.

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Moving your hot tub can be a chore. However, Sunny’s Pool & More has the resources you need! Our company has contacts with a moving specialist that will help you relocate your hot tub to your new home! Don’t have a hot tub? Get one today!

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