Planning Your Patio

Planning Your Patio

When you own a pool, planning your patio is essential. Since your pool is going to be the standout feature of your outdoor space, you need to optimize it with furniture and other decorations. However, what should you be considering for your patio? While preference is a key component, there are a few principles that can help you make the most of your patio space!

What to Consider

Before we go over patio ideas, there are a few things that can factor into what you pick out. First of all, you need to consider your deck or patio design. What type of deck do you have? Depending on the material, this will inform what type of furniture and garnishings you should get. For example, if you have a wooden deck or patio, you would probably choose furniture that would complement or contrast the color of your decking material.

Another thing you should consider is the landscaping around your pool and patio. Each piece of greenery around your outdoor space can enhance and inform how you should be furnishing your deck and patio. Of course in lower Michigan, with our weather patterns, you’ll want to get expert advice from the landscaper or garden center.

Planning Your Patio

Winston Patio FurnitureWhen planning your outdoor space, you need to understand your budget. How much are you willing or able to spend on your patio? After you set the budget, you need to figure out the goal of your patio. If you own a pool, you are going to spend a lot of time outside. That means that you should aim for comfort, functionality, and relaxation. At our Macomb location for example we have a warehouse where you can put this to the test.

What type of style do you want your patio to reflect? Keeping up with the latest design trends can guarantee that your backyard is at the forefront of garden design. These principles will help planning your patio a breeze!

Get Patio Furniture at Sunny’s

However, planning around the pool is difficult without owning one. Fortunately, you can buy a pool at Sunny’s Pool & More! Then you can buy the right patio furniture to complement it. Our floor room displays show patio umbrellas, furniture sets, and even fire pits that will make outfitting your patio or deck a breeze!

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