Keeping Your Pool Open Year-Round

Keeping your pool open year-round

A big disadvantage of owning a pool is having to close it in the winter. But what if you could leave it open year-round? Some pool owners choose to forgo the winterizing process to keep their pools open year-round. This allows people to enjoy longer pool time and pretty water views in their backyard and even saves time when the pool season is over since you don’t have to spend time closing it. Start the next winter with your pool or a brand new one from Sunny’s Pools & More! Check out our available pools today and choose the one that works best for you!

Advantages of a Year-Round Pool

-Less work in the spring

Opening your pool up after the entire winterizing process can be a tenuous affair. However, by keeping your pool open all year, you will have less work to do in the spring! Save time and effort by leaving your pool open.

-Enjoy your pool for a longer time

Most people close their pool in early September to avoid having to close it in cold weather. If you want to enjoy the pool through the fall and on warmer days in the winter, leave it open all year!

-Save money on winterizing chemicals

Chemicals used to close or winterize pools can be expensive. One way to avoid these costs is to leave your pool open year-round. Then, you don’t have to waste money that’s just going towards closing the pool for 5 months!

Disadvantages of Keeping Your Pool Open All Year

-Risk of damage to pool structure and components

It is recommended to close your pool during the winter because the water can freeze. When this occurs, the ice expands and can damage pool structures and tubing. This can be expensive to fix and even more expensive to replace. 

-Year-round maintenance required

A big disadvantage of keeping your pool open during the winter is that it requires more maintenance. Instead of getting a break from dealing with your pool like most people do in the winter, you have to clean and manage it all year.

-More money spent on chemicals throughout the year

Chemicals need to be used throughout the year to ensure algae prevention, clean water, and swimmer safety. As such, the prices can stack up when the pool is open for all four seasons. Check out the deals at Sunny’s to save on chemicals!