pHin Monitoring System and Importance Of Spa Water Health

When it comes to your hot tub, nothing matters more than making sure that your water health is in tip-top shape. In fact, in regards to safety, monitoring your pool water should be your number one priority. What better way to maintain your water than to have a pool monitoring system? The pHin monitoring system is a system that detects your water 24/7, whenever your water is in need of upkeep. One of the many benefits of this specific monitoring system is that it alerts your phone, by an app, to let you know the condition of your water. Based on the results will determine whether or not you’ll need to add extra chemicals to balance out your pool’s pH levels.

A few other benefits include:pHin Monitoring System

  • Availability: measures chlorine, bromine, pH and temperature 24/7
  • Flexibility: works with chlorine, hot tubs and salt and bromine pools
  • Simplicity: can be used with any chemical brand

The Importance of Water Health

It’s one thing to own a hot tub, but it’s another thing to own a system to help monitor one. As a pool owner, it is crucial that you recognize and understand the importance of water testing. Regardless of whatever time of year it is, there are proper ways to go about upkeeping your pool. By effectively monitoring your hot tub will help to eliminate a lot of unnecessary work when it comes time to reopen your pool. Since Michigan is known for reaching freezing temperatures, it is advised to take extra precautions and steps for water testing to help save time and money in the long run.

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How to Remove Algae from your Swimming Pool

*Revision note 2017: Viscount West is now Sunny’s Pools & More*

As algae begins to grow within your swimming pool, don’t just allow it to continue to spread, clean it up! Algae is one of the most common problems in swimming pools and isn’t healthy to have in your pool. It can grow on the walls or floor of the swimming pool but algae can be removed or avoided by following these few steps:

  1. Wipe off the floor and walls of the swimming pool on a regular basis. By doing this, it will help prevent an algae bloom or remove the
    algae from inside of your pool.algae for viscount pools west
  2. Always clean the pool filter. This ensures that all of the old algae is out and/or removed from the bottom of your pool. If the algae is trapped within the filter, this can possibly allow new algae to grow. A dirty pool is an unhealthy pool.
  3. Vacuum up the old algae from the bottom of your swimming pool. Wait until all of the new algae is completely gone before vacuuming the residue of the old algae altogether. You will be able to tell that the difference between old and new algae by the colors. Old algae tends to have a white or grayish color to it while new algae has a green hue.
  4. Make sure the pH levels for your pool are correct. The chlorine works better when the pH levels are efficient because it helps kill off algae or stops it from forming. By testing your pool’s chemical level, it helps balance your pool. Putting algaecide inside of your pool on a weekly basis also prevents algae from reappearing.

If you have any other questions about removing algae from your swimming pool or are interested in purchasing a swimming pool, visit Viscount Pool West at any of our locations.