Cleaning and Protecting Your Pool Table

Cleaning and Protect Your Pool Table

Cleaning and protecting your pool table should be a priority. Buying a pool table is an investment that can bring your long-term entertainment and fun!  So, what are the steps you can take to keep your table in perfect condition?

Cleaning Your Pool Table

First of all, let’s discuss the process of cleaning your pool table. There are multiple parts to a pool table. As a result, each section needs to be cleaned differently. The three parts of the pool table that need to be cleaned are the felt, the rails, and the pockets.

Cleaning Felt

The two things that you need to clean a pool table’s felt: are a special pool table brush and a small hand vacuum. With the brush, you need to move up and down in constant lines. If you move in circles, you can damage the felt instead. After you brush through the felt and exposed the dust, you will use the small hand vacuum to absorb the dust.

Cleaning the Rails

People are constantly touching the rails. A result of mixture of sweat, skin oil, and dirt can weaken the rails. It is important to wipe the rail with lemon oil or citrus-based products. These products will keep the finish strong.

Cleaning the Pockets

To clean out the pockets, you need to use the hose extension of a vacuum cleaner. This will absorb all the built-up debris from playing. After that, you should wipe the pockets with a slightly dampened microfiber rag. However, for leather pockets, you will want to use an oil-based product to prevent fading.

Protective Methods

The best way to protect your table is to avoid making messes and damage in the first place. After all, you do not need to stress or waste time if there is no incident, to begin with. These prevention methods are the best ways to avoid common issues.

No Drinking at the Pool Table

There is a reason why pool bars and halls will have ‘No Drinking on the Pool Table‘ signs. One of the biggest nightmares for a pool table is a spilled drink. It can easily damage the felt or the table. Especially if it is not taken care of immediately. If not taken care of, the drink can absorb into the wood. So, do yourself a favor and tell your guest to put their drinks somewhere else.

No Smoking at the Table

It may seem cool to smoke at the pool table. It could make you feel like a savant, casually smoking between shots. But this isn’t the 60s. Smoking can cause significant damage to your pool table. Ashes from your cigarette can fall into your felt fibers. These ashes can gradually make the felt deteriorate and become worse. Furthermore, you have to watch out for embers. If embers manage to land on the table, they can embed themselves in the wood. It also can burn the felt, ruining the surface and creating holes.

Cover Your Pool Table

Cleaning and protecting your pool table is significantly easier if you have a cover for it. When you are not playing a round of billiards, a cover will protect your table from a variety of factors. If a pool table is left uncovered, the felt can fade. Although pool tables are mostly indoors, sunlight from windows and doors can cause a deterioration of the color. Felt is not cheap to replace.

No Sitting on the Table

There are some cool photos on the internet of people sitting on their pool tables. However, you should not do that. Sitting on the table can transfer grime. In addition, you should not place or store your pool table items on the table itself. It can leave indentations in the felt.

No Masse or Jump Shots

Masse and jump shots are flashy pool moves that help you during a game. However, these techniques can cause significant damage to your feet and rails. Chalk can get embedded into the felt. In addition, these shots can cause nicks and tears.

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