Water Testing and Pool Closing In Livonia

As a pool owner, you either look forward to closing your pool or you dread it. Typically people begin to close their pools on or around Labor Day.  It seems like in the last few years warm weather in Michigan has been sticking around even into October! Regardless of when, or how excited you are to close a pool in Michigan, there are proper ways to go about doing so. Properly closing your pool during the fall can eliminate a lot of unnecessary work when it comes time to reopen your pool. Because Michigan reaches freezing temperatures, there are some extra steps to take when closing your pool. Here are our tips for closing a pool in Michigan:

Closing a Pool in MichiganAsk about free pool water testing in Livonia

Step 1: A week prior to closing your pool, it is recommended that you add a phosphate remover to help keep algae from building up during the winter.

Step 2: Clean the interior of your pool. Brush and vacuum the lining and skim any debris out of the water.

Step 3: Lower your water level about 4-6 inches below the rim of your pool. (For warmer areas that do not freeze, water should be as full as you can get it)

Step 4: Bring a water sample to our Livonia location to have your water tested. This will allow you to know the pH, alkalinity, water hardness, as well as the chlorine level.

Step 5: Balance your water. Add the necessary amount of chemicals to your pool so that they reach the recommended levels. You may bring in another water sample to have pool water tested to ensure accurate levels.

Water Testing Livonia, MI

There is a proper water chemistry when it comes to closing your Livonia. MI pool. Here are our recommended levels:

PH concentration level: 7.2-7.6

Alkalinity concentration level: 80-125 ppm (plaster) 120-150 ppm (vinyl lined)

Water Hardness: 175- 225 ppm

Chlorine: 11-4 ppm

Chlorine Stabilizer: 30 ppm

At Sunny’s Pools and More,  our goal is to help you with everything pool. From pool supplies, to pool chemicals, or testing your pool water in Livonia. We want to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your pool from open to close. Basic water testing is typically free when you bring in a sample. We often have special offers on *computerized water testing and chemicals. So call our Livonia location at 734.261.8580

Contact us today with any question you may have about closing your pool for winter in Michigan.

*The first test of the season is free! Subsequent testings are free when you spend a minimum of $10.00 during the test. Also, join our email list and you will see at least 2 more coupon offers for free water testing during the season!