Water Testing and Water Maintenance

Computerized Water Testing and Water Maintenance

Testing your water can help prevent maintenance on your hot tub and keep the hot tub sanitary for its users. Also, correct water management starts by analyzing and balancing the hot tub water. Water tests such as pH and sanitizer need to be performed on a regular basis.

If Chlorine is used, it should be tested by a method that will measure Free Chlorine. Free Chlorine refers to the hypochlorite ion and the hypochlorous acid usually added to water systems for disinfection. Tests for total calcium hardness and alkalinity are performed less often. Keeping the proper water chemistry for your hot tub is important, to help keep the water quality high so all who use the hot tub will enjoy it.

How To Get Water Testing

A great way to test your water is to bring it to Sunny’s Pools & More. We offer Computerized water testing and will test your water levels so you know what you need to do to maintain proper water chemistry. The process is simple, fill out this form here, then fill a bottle with your hot tub or pool water, and bring it to one of your convenient Sunny’s Pools & More locations.  We use the LaMotte WaterLink Spin system to test your water.

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