Water Testing

water testing

Do you ever wonder what’s inside of your pool water? Have you ever considered going somewhere for a water test? Well, Sunny’s Pools & More is doing Water Testing all summer long and the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Now, some of you may be wondering, “What’s the purpose of testing swimming pool water?” or “What are you testing for?” We are happy to answer any and all questions you’re eager to ask us!

Reasons For Water Testing

Let’s start by answering your question. What’s the purpose? When it comes to pool maintenance, the chemical balance is important. More or fewer chemicals can cause a variety of results that can damage your pool and risk your health. Also, it leads to a disgusting swimming experience.

Disgusting Water and Damage to Your Pool

At the Rio Olympics, the pools turned bright green. Due to the wrong chemicals being added, algae was able to grow overnight. There are signs when your pool is out of balance. Your water will become cloudy and discolored. Pink slime will begin to grow. Finally, the poor chemistry can cause the pump to break. Also, this imbalance of water can cause stains on pool surfaces and corroding ladders, handrails, and other integral parts of your pool. These damages can lead to costly repairs. However, the health risks can be just as severe.

Health Risks to Swimmers

In a water test, including the ones at Sunny’s, they test for PH levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, free chlorine (good chlorine), combined chlorine (dead or bad chlorine), total chlorine (average of both free chlorine and combined chlorine together), total dissolved solids, stabilizer/conditioner, and metals (mainly iron, copper, and manganese). All of these factors contribute to your pool’s sanitary condition. To make it digestible, let’s just focus on pH levels. Particularly, how high and low levels cause different risks. Because pH levels are the most dynamic factor when it comes to your pool’s balance.

High pH levels can be a risk to your chlorine, causing disinfection to be less effective. In addition, there are physical consequences to the swimmers. Swimmers can develop red, irritable eyes and dry skin for high pH levels. Also, goggles and swimwear will show advanced wear and tear. However, low pH levels have equal risk. No, maybe more. If your pool has low pH levels, it can grow a  variety of bacteria. Low chlorine levels invite E.Coli, crypto, and giardia, which can make swimmers sick. These bacteria can cause diarrhea, weight loss, weight loss, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and stomach cramps. Not exactly fun, right? In addition to the bacteria risks, swimmers suffer from stinging eyes and nasal passages. Along with the irritation, the water will dry out skin and hair.

Free Water Testing with Sunny’s

water testing

Although there are testing kits that will test for proper chlorine and other levels, Sunny’s offering free water testing for pool owners. Our company does computerized water testing. Just come to one of our Michigan pool store locations. By bringing in a small sample of your pool water, we will test the water. This will help to understand what you need to do to get your water at the proper levels for swimming. We commonly find that PH, Alkaline, or Chlorine levels need to be adjusted as they are often too high or too low. Before coming, fill out one of our water testing forums. This informations will allow us to figure out how many chemicals you need! Also for a limited time, we are offering an extra 10% off chemicals at the time of your testing!

Contact us today, or stop into one of our Michigan pool store locations to get your water tested.  Finally, is time to make sure your swimming pool is good to go.

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