What are you swimming with in your pool?

maintaining your pool

The rise of illnesses from swimming in public pools are on the rise this summer. Sunny’s Pool wants you to protect yourself and your pool from parasites that can cause sickness.

What are you swimming with in your pool and Maintaining Your Pool?

Properly maintaining your pool and the hygiene in it is very important to the health and safety of others. Encouraging good personal hygiene with swimmers is the perfect area to start. Swimmers should shower before and after being inside of your pool. Young children should also be taken to the bathroom every hour.  People with gastroenteritis illness such as diarrhea should not swim in pools at all. Also, children with intestinal disorders should also not be allowed to swim in pools. Make others aware of this safety rules to keep your pool healthy.

Why does Sunny’s Pool encourage water testing?

Untreated pools are dangerous. Pools can be filled with E. Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium,
and other parasites that can make you ill. In addition, this can be prevented by having the correct amount of chemicals inside of your pool.

Sunny’s offers water testing in Livonia, Macomb, Monroe, Flat Rock or Waterford. The first step to a healthy pool in Metro Detroit is getting your water tested. Also, water testing at Sunny’s Pools can help determine if your pool water is susceptible to contamination. When the water test results come back, any Sunny’s Pools location can recommend a variety of products at different price points to fit your budget and protect your pool.

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