From Creepy to Creative: Halloween Pool Decorating

Halloween Decorations

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for children and adults alike. Sunny’s Pools & More in Michigan loves to share how you can decorate your pool for Halloween. Decorate your in ground or above ground pool or hot tub for Halloween. Incorporate your pool or hot tub into your Halloween themed event in a way that will wow your guests.

Here are some of our ideas:

Red Pit of Hell

Drained your pool already? Add red lights at the bottom of the pool. Your pool will resemble a red pit of Hell. If you want to make it over the top, a smoke machine in combination with the lights will really put it over the top.

Bloody Pool

Add a chemical dye that will make your pool red. Also, not only will swimmers enjoy swimming in fake blood, but it is completely safe to use and non-staining.

Suspenseful Fog

Add a fog machine that will dispense fog over the pool. This will give your yard a suspenseful look. This is always a popular option with the kids.

Ancient Fun

One or two skeletons will set your party off. Place one or two skeletons in or around your pool. If you are really going for a spooky look, add some cobwebs to make the skeletons appear as if they have been there for a long time. The skeletons can go on flotation devices in the pool, patio chairs or just lounge poolside.

Hot Tub of Doom For Halloween

Make your hot tub or Jacuzzi look satanic by placing candles all around it and adding red pool dye. Your hot tub will look like a boiling pot of blood within minutes with your new accessories. Stop by any of your local Sunny’s locations for more tips on how to decorate your hot tub or pool for the holidays!

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