What is a thermal hard cover?

Thermal Hard Cover for Hot Tubs in Michigan

Thermal hard covers are covers used to cover your indoor or outdoor spas in Michigan. Spas or hot tubs can cost thousands of dollars. Make sure that you protect your investment by purchasing a thermal cover from your favorite hot tub accessory store in Michigan, Sunny’s Pools & More. Owning a hot tub can be incredibly rewarding and by maintaining it you can increase your home value.

Just for you, we are featuring four of our favorite thermal covers for hot tubs in Michigan in this article. Also, all four thermal hardcovers are popular for being durable, long-lasting, affordable, or manufactured using high-quality materials. In addition, our Arctic Thermal Covers, Thermal Premium Cover, Polar Premium Sumo Cover, or the Rhino Tuff Walk on Cover is the thermal hardcover that you need for your hot tub in Michigan.

Thermal Hard Cover for Hot Tubs in Michigan

Thermal Premium Cover

This Thermal Premium Cover is available at Sunny’s Pools & More in Michigan for a discounted price of $389.00. Also, this cover is chemically treated to protect against UV Rays or mold. It also features insulation that prevents heat loss.

  • Weights 2lbs
  • EPS virgin foam core
  • True 4″ to 2/34″

Polar Premium Sumo Cover

Sunny’s Pools & More has this thermal cover available at an affordable price of $429.00. It features the same features like the thermal premium cover plus more! Furthermore, the Polar Premium Sumo Cover is one of our most popular covers for hot tubs in Michigan because it has over 17 different trending colors to choose from. It also comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Rhino Tuff Walk on Cover

Our Rhino Tuff Walk on Cover is another popular hard thermal covers for hot tubs in Michigan. The durability makes this thermal hard cover difficult to compete with. Also, it can hold up to a thousand pounds of weight on top of it. This is perfect if you are looking for something to withstand the winter snow.  It is heat-sealed to protect against moisture absorption. This thermal hard hot tub cover comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. The Rhino Tuff Walk on Cover is on sale for $.799.00.

Other features:

  • 3″ Flat reinforced cover
  • Dual heat-sealed liner

Arctic Thermal Cover

This is one of our basic thermal hardcovers for hot tubs in Michigan from Viscount Pools West. It is constructed out of vinyl material that has been weather UV treated to withstand the Michigan winter weather. The Artic Thermal Cover is made to prevent blow off and is moisture or mold resistant.  Viscount Pools West is offering this product for a sale price of $349.00.

Sunny’s Pools & More offers a variety of hot tub covers or thermal hard covers for hot tubs in Michigan. Right now is the perfect time to save money on your hot tub or thermal hard cover to purchase from Sunny’s Pools & More. We have four locations in Michigan to best serve you with hard thermal hot tub covers. Print your hard cover order form here. Finally, contact Sunny’s Pools & More if you have any thermal hard cover questions.